Keszthely Triathlon 2022

Date: 18-19. 06. 2022.

Location: Keszthely, Városi Strand (46.759026, 17.252656)

18th Sturday: Youth races and Sprint distance
19th Sunday: Middle distance (70.3) Hungarian Championship

Event area

The event area and the registration for the start will be open until 7:00 am on Saturday.

Race Timing System

All the registered athletes gets a chip with the race number in the starter bag. You have to wear your chip on your right ankle. When you finish the race, you have to give back the chip to the volunteers. 

Official Competition Conditions

With the completion of the sign up and the online registration every competitor accepts the official rules of the Organisers and the Hungarian Triathlon Union and complies with these rules. With the sign up competitors declare that they start the race on their own responsibility and have suitable medical conditions and sufficient preparation to compete.

The maximum number of competitors is 650 on the 70.3 and 200 on the Sprint. Upon the request of the Hungarian Triathlon Union, we are indicating it in the official race information.

The official rules of the Hungarian Triathlon Union apply to the race equipment. You can find these under the following points of the Competition Regulations: 42. §, 45. §, 51. §.

During the swim, the use of compression sleeves are only allowed if wetsuits are allowed and the sleeves are worn under the wetsuit.

Check-in is compulsory for every competitor before the start. Competitors who miss check-in, will be disqualified.

Please note, drafting is NOT legal during cycling! Not complying with the non-drafting rule will result in a 5-minute time penalty by the race officials. This needs to be served at the end of the cycling leg before entering transition in the PENALTY ZONE. Those competitors who do not serve their penalty according to the rules will be disqualified. Competitors can unfasten their helmets after placing their bikes back to their designated stand in transition.

During the competitions, the use of mobile phones, music players or other music devices with earphones are not allowed! The use of any of these devices will result in immediate disqualification! (the only exception is using a mobile phone during cycling with a stopped bicycle)

According to the rules of the Hungarian Triathlon Federation (point 35.§ 2.) – only competitors with race license or registration can start at the competitions of the Hungarian Triathlon Federation. Therefore, only competitors with age-group registration and annual license can participate in Keszthely Triathlon! You can find more information about registration and race license on the website of the Federation: The licences of other federations are accepted. In case of missing license the participant has to buy a Hungarian license.

Keszthely Triathlon, Middle distance (70.3)


Distance: 1.9 km (one loop)

Location: Lake Balaton at Keszthely Városi strand (CityBeach)

Expected water temperature: 16 to 24 °C

Information: The start and finish of the swimming leg are both found on the premises of the Keszthely Városi Strand (City Beach). Racers are to check in at latest 15 minutes before the start with their name and race number. The swimming course is marked with red and yellow buoys. As seen in the picture below, please always swim on the right side of the red buoys and the left side of the yellow bouy. The safety of the course is guaranteed by the Lake Police (Vízirendőrség) and professional lifeguards on duty.

•During the swim, you are allowed to wear water-permeable clothing with a maximal thickness of 0.8 mm, swim goggles, swim cap (included in the race packet) and (if race directors permit it, see below) a wetsuit with a maximal thickness of 5 mm. You are also allowed to apply creams and oils for warming and skin protection. Hands and feet are to be left uncovered under all circumstances.

•You are obliged to have your race number put on both of your shoulder blades or upper arms. In case the race number is not visible there, you are to write your number on the provided swim cap.

•You are to wear the swim cap that is included in the race packet.

•Depending on the water temperature, race directors can choose to permit the wearing of wetsuits. Organizers will inform all racers at the briefing about the directors’ decision in this matter.


Distance: 90 km (2 loops)

Elevation gain: 550 m

Road quality: paved roads of high quality

Distance of railroad crossing: 470 m from Transition Area

Safety: Within the duration of the time limit, organizers block traffic (completely, and partially in places) on the cycling course. Expiration of the time limit will be signalled by an escort car. Racers are led and escorted by motorcyclists during the entire course. Crossroads, side streets, roundabouts will be kept under control by the organizers as well as the police. Drafting is illegal and results in immediate disqualification.

Start number: It is obligatory to wear start number from the time of leaving the depot till leaving the area of finish line in such a way that its entire surface must be visible on the back of the competitor's clothing.


Distance: 21.1 km (five loops)

Route: Keszthely városi strand (City Beach, TRANSITION AREA) – Csík Ferenc sétány – Rail crossing Ady Endre u. – Kazinczy u. – Erzsébet Királyné útja – Fő tér– Sétáló u. – Kastély u. – Keszthelyi Kastély park – Kastély u. – Sétáló utca – Helikon Park – Kazinczy u. – Ady Endre u. – Rail crossing  – Mólóra vezető sétány (walkway to Pier)

Road quality: paved roads of good quality, paver blocks, small pebbles

Distance of railroad crossing: 470 m from Transition Area (blocked from train traffic during the race)

Safety: Organizers block traffic completely along the entire running course. Directions are shown by buoys and chords. Where no directional signs are found, please proceed straight ahead. Crossroads and side streets are blocked by organizers and police.

Race number: The original race number that you receive from the organizers must be worn on your chest at all times and has to be completely visible from leaving the transition area to leaving the finish area.

Time limit:

Swimming: 1 hour 10 min (to qualify for cycling)

Cycling: 5 hour (to qualify for running)

Running: 7 hours 30 min to finish

Race office
+36 30 143 8710

Gábor Viczián

Main director ® 2021

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